is gone!

We have had controversy over the info provided on this page, so to make it
easier on all, we are removing it and replacing it with instructions on how to
measure for your tags.

Please remember these are weaving tag measurements only!
Advisors Section

Measure you "window" where the text/tag will show.  Add a minimum of 1/4" - 3/8"
for "tuck" on each side.
(Doubled to account for both ends 1/2" - 3/4")

Add these two together to get your
minimum tag length needed.

We will no longer process tags based on basket name.  You must provide a size when ordering.

Ex:  Newspaper - 1/2 x 3-3/16 opening and up-splint 1-3/8  we recommend 1/2 x 3-3/4 tag

Please remember, some baskets will be able to accommodate more than one tag size.  Due to each basket
being handwoven, you may notice some variance because one weaver may weave tighter than another.

As always, please check your measurements, or request our sample kit.
This page is for reference only!
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