Locks, Catches, And Other Symbols
These symbols are featured throughout the catalog to indicate the type of clasp used.

Ball & hook – A ball on one end and a hook on the other is a simple–to–use
                                         catch that  secures neck wires.

Barrel – Simple, yet attractive, this clasp has a safety catch and primarily
                                  secures rope chains.

Box – A functional clasp that normally secures bracelets and is often times hidden.

                   Child–proof clasp – This catch is similar to a box catch, but in a more simple design.
                                  A pin or small pointed object is needed to release it making it very secure.

   Fancy Lobster – A fancy upgrade to a classic lobster clasp.

   Fold over catch – Typically used on bracelets, this catch features a slotted bar
                           and a folding device that locks around it for extra security.

                   Heavy Duty Catch – This strong, reliable clasp typically secures heavier weight
                                   link chains.

    Hidden catch – This unique catch is actually incorporated into the design of the
                                   necklace or bracelet making it nearly invisible.

Lobster – This strong, classic clasp goes well with all types of jewelry.

    Push Lock – This modern spin-off of the traditional lobster is unique and easy to use.

    Springlock – This lightweight clasp primarily secures light pendant chains.

    Toggle – An attractive loop and bar fastening system that adds to the design
                                           of the piece.