Attribute Definitions  A-Z

10k Tri–color
10k yellow, rose and white gold in the design.

10k Two–tone
10k yellow gold with white or rose gold in the design.

10k White Gold
43% pure gold that has been alloyed with a mix of nickel, zinc, copper, tin and manganese.

10k Yellow Gold
43% pure gold that has been alloyed with a mix of 50% copper and 50% silver.

12k Leaf Accents
Leaves are 12k yellow, green and rose gold.

14k Rose Gold
Gold with a pink tinge.

14k Tri–color
14k gold with yellow, rose and white gold in the design.

14k Two–tone
14k yellow gold with white or rose gold in the design.

14k White Gold
58% pure gold that has been alloyed with a mix of nickel, zinc, copper, tin and manganese.

14k Yellow & Rhodium
14k gold that has parts plated with Rhodium to give a two–tone appearance.

14k Yellow Gold
58% pure gold that has been alloyed with a mix of 50% copper and 50% silver.

18k & Platinum
18k gold with platinum accents or vice-versa.

18k Two–tone
18k yellow and white gold in the design.

18k White Gold
75% pure gold that has been alloyed with a mix of nickel, zinc, copper, tin and manganese.

18k Yellow Gold
75% pure gold that has been alloyed with a mix of 50% copper and 50% silver.

This 3–dimensional image is true to life.

A type of mollusk shell.

A fine grained quartz found in a wide range of colors including black, gray, brown, reddish and

A purple color gemstone.

A quartz crystal that contains amethyst and citrine. It is a bi-color gemstone including the violet
of amethyst and the yellow of citrine. On Mohs’ scale of hardness, ametrine is 7. It is primarily
found in Bolivia.

Antique Finish
A finishing process that creates an aged look.

March birthstone, light blue gemstone.

A type of quartz stone with tiny metallic particles. It ranges in color from yellow to red to light
green to light brown.

Azotic Topaz
A stunning rainbow effect that makes it all at once unique the color, brilliance and clarity of the
final product depend very much on the quality, cut and polish of the original gemstone.

A narrow–cut rectangular stone.

Baguette & Round
This piece holds baguettes (narrow–cut rectangular gems) and round–cut diamonds or

Baguette and Princess
This piece holds baguettes (narrow–cut rectangular gems) and princess–cut (square shaped)
diamonds or gemstones.

A tube or cylinder clasp.

A way of setting a stone in which the outside of the stone is wrapped in metal to hold it in place.

Black Dial
This watch has a black face⁄dial.

Black Pearl
This pearl ranges in colors from a shade of grey, silver or charcoal.

Black Rhodium
Rhodium plating that is black to give an antiqued look.

Blue Diamond
Heat treated diamond to attain blue coloring.

Blue Topaz
December birthstone, blue gemstone.

A functional clasp that normally secures bracelets and is often times hidden.

Box Catch
A functional clasp that normally secures bracelets and is often times hidden.

An alloy of copper and zinc and a few other metals in lesser amounts.

Brass Accent
Portions of this piece have brass accents.

Brocaded Disc
The piece is turned on a lathe to create the design.

Bronze refers to a broad range of copper alloys, usually with tin as the main additive, but
sometimes with other elements such as phosphorus, manganese, aluminium, or silicon.

A textured (satin) finish made from tiny parallel lines etched on the metal surface.

Reddish form of quartz.

Gold is poured into a mold to produce a dimensional object.

Casted Head
Non–removeable head on the ring that holds the stone in place.

Cat’s Eye
A honey brown stone with a bright slit of color in the middle.

Champagne Dial
This watch has a champagne–colored face⁄dial.

Channel Set
Stones are held in place without prongs, lined up directly next to each other in a row
between two metal walls.

Child proof clasp
This catch is similar to a box catch, but in a more simple design. A pin or small pointed object is
needed to release it making it very secure.

November birthstone, yellow gemstone.

Closed Back
Piece will be hollow with a flat back.

Coin Pearl
Pearl that is shaped like a coin.

Gemstone grown in the ocean, ranging in color from orange, red and pink to white.


Created Opal
Opal manufactured in a lab.

A glass or stone bead.

Type of bangle that is open ended to slide on over the wrist.

Cultured Pearl
Manufactured pearls produced by oysters that have been injected with mother–of–pearl.

Cubic Zirconium. Lab produced gemstone.

This style hangs below the earlobe.

Mineral composed essentially of carbon crystallized at extremely high temperatures and
pressures. Diamond is the hardest of all known natural substances. It ranges from colorless to
a wide variety of colors.

Diamond Cut
A finishing process to give design, texture and shine.

Diamond Cut, Hand
A hand–finished process to give design, texture and shine.

Die Struck
Manufacturing process used to stamp design into the metal.

A process that adds color.

Manufacturing process that electrically molds the metal, creating a hollow piece.

May birthstone, green gemstone.

A glassy substance fused onto metal to create a cover or inlay of color.

Epoxy Resin
Comes in two parts, a resin and a catalyst. The two parts get mixed, normally 1 to 1, and a
chemical reaction takes place that adheres the two parts making them stable and tough.

An angled cut that catches light.

Fancy Barrel
A fancy upgrade to the barrel clasp.

Fancy Lobster
A fancy upgrade to the classic lobster clasp.

Fancy Springlock
A fancy upgrade to the springlock clasp.

Delicate or intricate ornamental design created by fine, twisted wire.

The parts that jewelers use in making jewelry such as clasps, jump rings and more.

Flat Back
The back of the piece is flat.

Flat Edge
A flat, as opposed to rounded, edge on wedding bands.

This piece has bendable qualities.

A pattern tooled into the metal, usually a little deeper than a brushed finish.

Fold Over
This clasp features a slotted bar and a folding device that locks around it for extra security. It is
usually used for watches and nugget bracelets.

Freshwater Pearl
An irregular pearl of various colors produced by freshwater mollusks such as mussels and

January birthstone, red gemstone.

Not manufactured by man.

A type of fold-over clasp used for heavy link chain.

Gold Filled
Gold filled refers to the mechanical process of applying two thin gold sheets to core metal such
as nickel. To qualify as "gold filled" the amount of gold must be at least 1/20 of the total weight.

Gold bonded to a base metal.

Jewelry finished with a gold color.

Green Agate
A type of stone from the quartz family.

Green Topaz
Chemically and heat treated topaz to attain green coloring.

Green Tourmaline
Heat treated tourmaline to attain green coloring.

Finishing process used to create design.

Heavy Duty Box
This strong, reliable clasp typically secures heavier weight link chains.

A shiny, opaque blue–black to silvery iron stone.

Hidden Catch
The catch is incorporated into the design of jewelry.

These hoop earrings have a hinge in the middle.

Hinged Post
Commonly found on hoop earrings.

Not solid.

Hook Clasp
Typically used of the multi–strand beaded necklaces two circles that hook together.

A gemstone with a slight variability in chemical composition between stones. It exhibits a blue–
to–violet range of colors and sometimes shows a brownish streak.

An opaque semi–precious stone usually found in green but also found in lavender or rose.

An opaque red, yellow or brown form of quartz.

A measure of the fineness of gold. 24 karat gold is pure; 18 karat gold is 75% pure; 14 karat
gold is 58% pure; 12 karat gold is 50% pure; and 10 karat gold is 43.5% pure. Gold is usually
mixed with other metals such as silver or copper to make it harder.

Kidney Wire
Also known as a French Wire, it is a fish hook shaped wire used on dangly earrings were the
wire goes through your pierced ear.

A gemstone in the feldspar family. It is known for a brilliant play of color and exhibits lustrous
metallic tints of blue, green, yellow, red, gold and purple.

A rich blue opaque semi–precious stone.

Laser Cut
Finishing process used to create design and give sparkle.

Animal skins and hides treated to preserve them and make them suitable for use.

The backs of these earrings close with a hinged lever, connecting behind the ear.

This clasp features an elongated hook and contains a spring to open and close the catch in
order to connect the ends of chain.

London Blue Topaz
Darkest shade of the blue topaz.

Mabe ⁄ Mobe
A Japanese term for cultured pearls which are cultured against the shell so that only half a
pearl is formed resembling a half-sphere.

Also known as iron pyrite, this semi-precious shiny, metallic stone is usually faceted.

Any arrangement of interlocking metal links or wires with evenly spaced, uniform small
openings between, as used in jewelry or sieves.

A raised, beaded edge on a ring done with a special engraver’s tool; resembling the edge of a

Milky Quartz
May be the most common variety of crystalline quartz and can be found almost anywhere. The
white colour may be caused by minute fluid inclusions of gas and/or liquid trapped during the
crystal formation.

Mother of Pearl
A thin slice of shell from the iridescent coating on the inside of oyster shells.

Mother of Pearl Dial
This watch features a face/dial in mother of pearl.

The setting of a piece, not including the diamonds or gemstones.

Part or parts will move.

Mystic Fire Topaz
A natural topaz gem that has been color enhanced.

Plating that is used in Sterling Silver jewelry to keep from tarnishing.

No Safety Bar
No bar on the clasp for extra security.

Earring is a clip–on design.

Type of clip–back for an earring.

A black stone. A form of agate.

A luminous, iridescent stone that is white in color with a sparkle of colored hues. October

This milky colored stone is not transparent or translucent.

Open Back
The back of the piece is not finished. Light can show through the stone.

Finishing process to give an antiqued look.

Palladium White
A charcoal gray form of platinum, has many of the same properties as platinum, resists

The gem grown within an oyster shell.

Pearl Clasp
A marquise shaped clasp that is usually filigree and has one end hook in the other and then is
pushed in to lock.

Peg Set
Setting uses a peg mounting to hold stone.

Peg Set Head
The head of a ring that holds the stone.

August birthstone, light green gemstone.

Pierced Clip Back
A spring powered hinge on the end of a hoop closes the clasp following insertion of the post
through the ear.

Pink Quartz
Quartz ranging in color from pink to deep red.

Pink Sapphire
Heat treated sapphire to attain pink coloring.

Pink Spinel
Transparent to opaque mineral species appearing in shades of red, pink, orange, blue, violet
and purple, and rarely displaying the phenomena asterism (star) and color change..

Pink Tourmaline
October birthstone, pink gemstone.

Polymers that can be molded or shaped, usually by heat and pressure.

60% heavier than gold, platinum is a very strong, dense white metal. Platinum jewelry is usually
90-95% pure.

A thin layer of platinum is bonded to the piece.

Mirror–like finish.

A hard, non–porous white ceramic, made of fine clay and usually covered with a glassy,
decorative glaze.

The earring has a straight pin–like finding that goes through the ear with a separate nut to
hold the earring in the ear.

Princess Cut
Square shape stone, highly faceted.

Prong Set
Prongs hold the stone in the setting.

Push Lock
A modern spin–off of the traditional lobster. You push instead of pull.

A transparent crystal forming a hexagonal shape. Quartz comes in many colors and forms
including amethyst, aventurine, citrine, opal, tiger’s eye and many others.

A translucent type of plastic.

The piece is finished on both sides and can be worn showing either side.

A durable, white precious metal used for plating to give a two–tone appearance.

Rhodolite Garnet
A type of garnet, usually a rose to raspberry red.

Having every part of the surface or circumference equidistant from the center.

Round Edge
A rounded edge for wedding bands.

An elastic substance that is obtained by coagulating the milky juice of any of various tropical
plants, is essentially a polymer of isoprene, and is prepared as sheets and then dried.

July birthstone, red gemstone.

Safety Bar
Bar on the clasp for extra security.

Safety Clasp
A clasp on the side to give extra security.

Saltwater Pearl
Cultured pearl grown in saltwater.

September birthstone, blue gemstone.

A very finely brushed surface texture resembling satin.

Screw Back
For added security, the earring nut needs to be unscrewed to be removed.

Screw Top
Refers to the top bezel.

A mounting that is not polished.

This setting is sold without the center stone. Only side stones are included.

Shared Prong
Two or more stones using the same prong to be held in.

Pieces of a conch or various other ocean shells.

Shepherd Hook
A wire that usually holds dangly earrings. It slips through the ear and has no catch.

A thin silver coating adhered to a piece.

Made to look like an original piece. Not real.

Slip on
Usually referring to the bangles, as they slip on over your hand.

Smokey Quartz
A brown variety of quartz caused through the natural (or artificial) irradiation of aluminium–
containing rock crystal. A very dark brown to black opaque variety is known as morion.

A solid vivid blue stone with white streaks.

This piece is solid, not hollow. Casted or stamped pieces are usually solid.

Solid Titanium
Titanium is a metal with an extremely high melting point and is part of group of other metals
with high melting points known as refractory metals. Under controlled conditions, titanium is
highly reactive and can be permanently colored for various decorative applications.

A circular metal closure with a spring built in the ring for opening and closing. This attaches the
jump ring to the chain.

Spring ring
A spring ring (also known as a bolt ring) is a hollow circular metal fastening ring with a spring
opening. It is used to attach two other rings or links of a necklace or bracelet.

SS & 14k Yellow Gold
Sterling Silver with 14k gold accents.

SS & Vermeil
Sterling silver plated with a fine coating of pure gold.

Stainless Steel
An alloy of steel with chromium and sometimes another element (as nickel or molybdenum)
that is practically immune to rusting and ordinary corrosion.

A process using a punch or die to shape the design.

Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Stones are man–made in laboratory. They usually lack imperfections.

Swarovski Crystals
Crystals that are mined from the Swarovski mines.

Synthetic stone, deep blue–purple gemstone, resembling tanzanite.

Gemstone with color ranging from deep purple to lilac to blue–violet.

Surface roughness.

Textured Back
The back of the piece has a textured finish.

Dangling earring that is thread into the ear by one end that is usually a solid bar.

Tigers Eye
A yellow–brown to reddish-brown stone with a bright slit of color in the middle.

A strong, corrosion–resistant white metal.

Titanium & 14k
Titanium and 14k gold piece.

Titanium & SS
Titanium and sterling silver piece.

An attractive loop and bar fastening system that adds to the design of the piece.

Tourmaline is a fascinating mineral that can actually exhibit two or more colors in one crystal. It
possesses one of the widest color ranges, reproducing every conceivable color in the universe.

Has the ability to be seen through.

It is a member of the garnet family group in which trace amounts of vanadium or chromium
provide the green color..

An opaque and porous stone in blue–green color.

Two colors of gold.

Gold–plated silver.

White Dial
This watch has a white face⁄dial.

Yellow Dial
This watch has a yellow face⁄dial.

Yellow Sapphire
Sapphire is most commonly blue but also occurs as purple, yellow, orange, pink, green, color
shift and white varieties.

Yellow Topaz
A light yellow variety of quartz.