Saints:                                        Patron Saint of:
Infant of Prague                           Family life, children, freedom, finances and vocations.

Mother Francis Cabrini                Emigrants. December 22

Our Lady of Guadalupe               The Americas. December 12 celebrates Mary’s appearance to Juan
                                              Diego in 1531 which led to the conversion of millions of Mexicans. The
                                              shrine built in her honor to remember this appearance is a national

Our Lady of Loreto                      Aviators, flight attendants, builders, and construction workers. Italy.

Our Lady of Providence              Puerto Rico. November 19

St. Andrew                                  Fisherman and elderly maids. November 30

St. Anne                                     Cabinetmakers, housewives and women in labor. July 26

St. Anthony                                 Lost and found and the poor. June 13

St. Barbara                                 Architechs, stone masons, gunners, prisoners, the dying, fireman and
                                                   minors. December 4

St. Christoper                             Travelers and motorists. July 25

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton              Opened the first parochial school in the United States. January 4

St. Florian                                   Firefighters, brewers, Poland and Austria. May 4

St. Francis of Assisi                    Merchants, Catholic action and Italy. October 4

St. George                                  Boy scouts, soldiers, farmers and England. April 23

St. Gerard                                   Expectant mothers. October 16

St. John Baptist                           The greatest prophet. June 24

St. John Neumann                      First U.S. bishop saint. January 5

St. John the Evangelist               Asia Minor. December 27

St. Joseph                                  Families, the dying, workers and the universal church. March 19

St. Jude Thaddeus                     Hospitals and desperate causes. October 28

St. Lazarus                                 Hospitals and lepers. June 21

St. Lucy                                      Eye trouble. December 13

St. Luke                                      Physicians, artists, brewers, butchers, painters and glass workers.
                                              October 18

St. Mark                                      Notaries. April 25

St. Martha                                   Homemakers, cooks, and servants. July 29

St. Matthew                                 Bankers and bookkeepers. September 21

St. Michael                                  Policemen and radiologists. September 29

St. Nicholas                                Children, bakers and Russia. December 6

St. Patrick                                    Ireland. March 17

St. Paul                                       Evangelists. January 25

St. Peregrine                               Cancer patients. May 2

St. Peter                                      Fisherman. June 29

St. Roch                                      Invalids, bahelors, knee problems, surgeons and tile makers. August 16

St. Theresa                                 Florists, aviators and foreign missions. She is known as the "Little Flower."
                                                  October 1


Symbols:                                        Meaning:
12 Tribes Star of David                 Includes symbols for the 12 tribes of Israel, formed by Jacob’s 12 sons.

Chai                                              A symbol of well–being and best wishes. Means "alive" or "living."

Chamseh ⁄ Hamsa                         Meaning "Hand of God," it is very popular in Morocco and known for
                                                warding off evil.

Menorah                                       Represents the continuation of the Jewish people.

Mezuzah                                       A replica of the Shema, it includes the passage from Deuteronomy 6:4–9,
                                              11:13–21, which serves as a reminder of God’'s presence everywhere.

Mizpah                                          Recalling the agreement between Laban and Jacob in the Old Testament,
                                               the Mizpah is two halves of a coin, each worn by a friend to show their

Shin                                             The 22nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the Shin is the first letter in
                                              Shaddai, which means "guardian of the doors of Israel" and is one of the
                                              names of God meaning, "Almighty."

Star of David                                  A central symbol for Judaism and the flag of Israel.

Torah                                           The first five books of the Hebrew scriptures and the whole body of Jewish


Medals and Symbols:                Meaning:
Angels                                        Means "messenger." Angels are pure spirits who carry out God’s mission.

Caridad de Cobre                       Our Lady of Charity. The Virgin Mary is credited with saving Cubans Juan
                                             Moreno and the brothers Joyos from a storm at sea and interceding for
                                             Cuban independence, won in 1898.

Circle of 12 Stars                       The circle of 12 stars depicts the Immaculate Conception and Mary as the
                                            Queen of Heaven.

Dove                                          Symbolizes the Holy Spirit and recalls Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was
                                             sent in Christ’s place.

Face of Jesus                            Ecce Homo means "the face of Jesus."

Four Way Medal                        Includes the Scared Heart at the top, St. Christoper on the right, Miraculous
                                            at the bottom and St. Joseph on the left and is known as a cruciform. On
                                             the back is written, "I am a Catholic, please call a priest."

Guardian Angels                        Assigned by God to look over each person in this world. The feast day is
                                             October 2.

Ichthus (fish)                              In Greek, the initials of "Jesus Christ, Son of God Savior" spell the Greek
                                            word ichthus, "fish."

Matka Boska                              Our Lady of Czestochowa. Numerous miracles are associated with this
                                            painting of the Holy Mother and child by St. Luke. The feast day is May 3.

Miraculous Medal                       Featuring an "M" and cross with two stars, Mary instructed St. Catherine
                                             Laboure of Paris to create and distribute this medal in 1830.

Our Lady of Fatima                    Recalls the six appearances of Mary to three children in Fatima, Portugal in
                                            1917 when Mary asked the children to sacrifice on behalf of the sinners in  
                                             the world and pray the rosary. Celebrated on May 13.

Our Lady of Lourdes                February 11 celebrates Mary's visit to St. Bernadette in Lourdes in 1858
                                           where she introduced herself as the Immaculate Conception.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel        Many miracles have occured at Mt. Carmel throughout Biblical history,
                                            including Elijah’s plea for rain. In the 12th century, Christian hermits
                                           believed the appearance of a cloud above symbolized Mary who brought life
                                           to a parched world.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help       Very popular among Orthodox Christians, this image recalls a story from
                                           Jesus’ youth when two angels brought him the cross and tools of crucifixion,
                                           and the young Jesus ran to his mother for comfort.

Our Lady of Sorrows                September 15 recalls the pain and suffering of Mary as the Mother of God.

Our Lady of the Assumption     Celebrated August 15, this feast day recalls when the angels of God took
                                           the body and soul of Mary the Mother of God to heaven.

Pope John Paul II                      He helped bring down the Iron Curtain in the 1980's and has effected much
                                           of history.

Queen of the Holy Scapular     Mary promised that anyone wearing this metal in death would not suffer
                                           eternal fire.

Sacred Heart of Jesus              The feast of the Scared Heart of Jesus celebrates the physical and divine
                                           heart of Jesus Christ. It remembers Jesus’ redeeming love.

San Juan de Los Lagos           In 1623 prayers to the Virgin Mary by the people in Jalisco, Mexico brought
                                          about the Virgin’s intercession for a young girl who had died to be brought
                                          back to life.


Name:                                        Meaning:
Ankh (Egyptian) Cross        Taken from the Egyptian hieroglyphics image meaning "life."

Budded Cross                      Represents the Holy Trinity with a trefoil at each end of the cross.

Cara Vaca Cross                 During the Moor occupation of 1231 in Cara Vaca, Spain, the Pectoral cross of
                                      the Patriarch of Jerusalem appeared through a window, enabling an imprisoned
                                      priest to say mass for curious and angry captives.

Celtic and Iona Crosses      Originating in Ireland and taken to the Island of Iona by St. Columba. The circle
                                     around this cross symbolizes eternal life.

Claddagh Cross                   The heart is for love, the crown for loyalty and the hands, friendship.

Corpus                                Refers to the body of Christ (Crucified Christ).

Crucifix                                Crosses with a representation of the body of Christ that recall His death and

Eastern Orthodox Cross      The top bar represents the inscription posted by Pilate, "Jesus of Nazareth,
                                       King of the Jews," and the slanted lower bar represents the footrest of Christ.
                                       The Eastern Orthodox cross is also known as a Greek Orthodox, Russian
                                        Orthodox, Byzantine and St. Olga cross.

Fleur de lis                           Symbolizes the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven. A royal symbol of France.

Greek Cross                        One of the oldest forms of the cross. Used by early Christians to disguise the
                                      cross when Christianity was illegal.

INRI                                      Stands for Jesus Nazarenus Rex ludaeorem, meaning "Jesus of Nazareth, King
                                       of the Jews."

Jerusalem Cross                  Consists of tau crosses which represent the Old Testament and four small
                                       Greek crosses which represent the fulfillment of the law in the gospels. Also
                                       known as a Crusader’s cross.

Latin Cross                           One of the oldest forms of the cross, it is also the form of the true cross.

Mariner Cross                      Reminds us that Christ is our anchor, our hope.

Methodist Cross                    Official symbol of the United Methodist Church. The flame of the Holy Spirit
                                       sweeps the side of the cross.

Passion Cross                      The points at the end represent the suffering of Christ at His crucifixion.

St. Andrew Cross                 According to tradition, St. Andrew felt unworthy to be crucified like Christ so he
                                       asked that his cross be different.