Awareness Ribbons Colors

PINK –             Breast Cancer
                  Childhood Cancer Awareness
                  Birth Parents

RED -               AIDS/HIV
                  Heart Disease
                  Substance Abuse
                  Epidermolysis Bullosa
                  Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

BLUE -             Child Abuse
                  Colon or Prostate Cancer Awareness
                  Victims Rights
                  Free Speech
                  Water Quality
                  Domestic Violence
                  Water Safety
                  “Bring Home Our Troops” Campaign

BLACK -          Mourning
                  Anti-Gangs/Gang Prevention

PURPLE -        Pancreatic Cancer
                  Domestic Violence
                  Religious Tolerance
                  Animal Abuse
                  Victims of 9/11
                  Crohn’s Disease
                  Cystic Fibrosis
                  Huntington’s Disease
                  Testicular Cancer
                  Thyroid Cancer

                  Childhood Cancer
                  Suicide Awareness Prevention
                  “Support Our Troops” Campaign
                  Endrometriosis Awareness
                  Adoptive Parents
                  Amber Alerts
                  Bladder Cancer
                  Spina Bifida
                  General Symbol of Hope